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What is chocobons?

Choco is the abbreviation of Le chocolat which means chocolate in French, Bons comes from the French word Les Bons meaning good, nice.
The brand choco Bons means everything good nice about chocolate.
Even though choco bons is pronunced “şokobun” in french, the english pronunciation “chocobons” is widely used.

Story of Brand

Choco Bons was a dissertation in an undergraduate program with the support of proffesors developing the trademark logos of colors. The recipe used for our waffles, crepes and pancakes has been developed by our associates after completing their education in London’s Le Cordon Bleu (worlds finest baking school) and Bremen University’s baking course.
The one of a kind recipe had been developed after 2 years of work with a German company . A perfect mixture is served in all of its divisions providing customers the same quality and taste in each one.
Choco Bons is the first waffle brand to adapt waffles the culture of shopping centres by using different techniques and presentation styles. It is now not only a “street food”. The brand name is now in lead position due to its innovative produce called “waffle cups”.
Chocobons waffle has started franchising in 2010 and has business partnerships with Turkey’s most important marketing companies and shopping centres.

What are waffles?

First discovered in Belgium, waffles come in different shapes and forms, consumed as a dessert in Turkey, breakfast in the USA and an evening snack in Germany. It is even served with baked beans in the far east countries. Chocobons waffles are served with a selection of 55 ingredients.

How to Make tasty waffles?

The most important ingredient in the making of waffle is its dough. The dough used should appeal to the taste buds of its consumers. Another important ingredient is the chocolate used. Ot should have a low percentage of fat and a high percentage of cocoa. The food colouring used in fruit flavoured chocolates should be of a low percentage. The chocolate should be preserved in appropriate room temperature. hakkimizda

The last rule for making tasty waffles: Fruits should be used fresh and bought daily, because frozen fruits make the waffles soggy they shouldnt be used.

why is chocobons so tasty?

The flavour of its dough, the crunch, the thickness and a result produce of a 4 year research and development. The brand has created a major difference and umpassable success amongst its rivals on the market. The fruit we use as toppings are 100% organic and are hand chosen. Our chocolates are made from top quality Cocoa beans and cocoa butter. With 60 varieties our customers have wide rance of toppings they could choose from.